Junk Removal & Appliance Recycling

Send pictures of your junk pile, appliances, mattresses, or cleanout to receive our most accurate price estimates. Please include multiple angles and state if there are stairs or any other obstacles preventing a smooth junk removal. 

We are a Black Owned Hauling company that  services all of Memphis and Shelby County. We specialize in Logistics, junk removal and Hauling of your old and broken appliances, furniture, eviction clean out, garage cleanout, yard clean up and much more. Some household goods and yard waste can be recycled instead of taken to the land fill and we can take away those recyclables and green waste as well. We responsibly recycle oil and paint.

*Our Rates Vary depending on the Junk Haul volume, weight, location and difficulty of removal.

As a reference:

Single Items and Small Removals - Start at $55

Fill Entire Bed of Pickup Truck- Starting at $200 

Fill 1/3 Trailer - Starting at $200

 Fill 2/3 Trailer - Starting at $400

 Fill entire 14ft Trailer - Starting at $600